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Alexander Technique Science motor control glossary

Additional Terms

Co-contractionSimultaneous activation of muscles on opposite sides of a joint. Elevated co-contraction can result in stiffness.
Limbic systemPart of the brain involved in emotion and mood
LordosisLordosis is a term used to describe the inward curves in the spine commonly found in the lumbar and cervical areas. The cervical area has a lordotic range of 20-35 degrees and the lumbar ranges between 40-60 degrees. When the curvature exceeds these ranges it is considered hyperlordosis. 
MedialToward the midline
neuronNerve cell, also known as nerve fiber.
pre-frontal cortexpart of the brain involved in attention, decision-making and thoughts
somatosensory nervous systemThe part of the nervous system that contributes to feeling. Information goes from the periphery to the brain, also known as afferent information.
spikeRefers to a message (electrical impulse) being sent by the neuron to the spinal cord.
withdrawal reflex
endogenous opioids